How to memorize the periodic table

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how to memorize the periodic table

We’ve all got to admit that memorizing the periodic table has proven challenging, even just the first 20 elements isn’t so easy for most people.

Well i don’t blame anyone for not being able to memorize it, the periodic table is made out of a 118 elements with more still being added to the list because of new discoveries.

And it takes a lot of hard work and effort to memorize the whole thing.

But luckily, they’re a few ways to memorize it with ease,which i’ll be telling you about in this article .

Memorization Tips

I’ll show you several tips on how to this but it’s up to you to pick which suits you best, you can’t try every single one of them, you’ll end up confusing yourself so just take it slow and pick.

    • Get the periodic table: Firstly, before you even start trying to memorize the periodic table, you need to get a copy of it with you and make sure it’s updated, the human memory is mostly visual so when we see something regularly, our brains have much more higher tendencies to store that information. you can get an updated version of the periodic table from the International union of pure and applied chemistry or you can use the link to refer to which  uses visualization to help learn quicker.

How to Memorize the Periodic Table 10X Faster [Video Series]

  1. Use mnemonic devices: mnemonic devices are rhymes and poems, acronyms, songs, outlines, and other tools, they help us remember certain things with ease, you can use acronyms of the first letters of the elements as a mnemonic device like; Happy Henry Lives Beside Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelly Nancy MgAllen, which represents
  2. H– Hydrogen
  3. He– Helium
  4. Li– lithium
  5. Be– Beryllium
  6. B– Boron
  7. C– Carbon
  8. N– Nitrogen
  9. O– Oxygen
  10. F– Flourine
  11. Ne– Neon
  12. Na– Sodium
  13. Mg– Magnesium
  • Use a song: The ability for us to memorize music is unimaginable, you could pretty much hear a song you love today and remember every single lyric tomorrow, and there’s no shame in trying to use that talent to good use, Scientist developed some songs made completely out of the periodic table, it helps a lot and one of my personal favorites is The updated periodic song by Asapscience
  • Practice a lot: The old saying “practice makes perfect” doesn’t go to waste in memorization, sometimes the most straight-forward way of learning something is to practice it, consistently, if you’re willing to put in the effort i think it’s best you write the first 20 elements down and go through them every time you have the chance and move higher up the periodic table from there.


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