Tips on studying chemistry

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Tips on studying Chemistry

Chemistry!, it’s either you love it or you hate it and most people hate it, and i mean really hate it.

Chemistry is the study of matter and the investigation of their properties and reactions, and the use of such reactions to form new substances.

And topics under the subject take a significant amount of time and effort to comprehend, frustrating students in the process.

Over the years I’ve interviewed some students studying the subject and the result i get is not always very good.

I went deeper to find out why they hate the subject so much and discovered that it was ultimately because of their poor grades in school.

But bad grades aren’t permanent they could be changed with a change in approach.

Studying the right way would improve your chemistry game immensely.

Chemistry study tips

I’ve listed down a few tips on studying chemistry that should be very helpful to you

  • Always study and review before class
Tips on Studying Chemistry

An effective way of learning and most importantly remembering what you’ve learnt in class is reviewing materials before the class even starts, you could do this at times before you go to bed, or in the morning before you leave for school or you can just go through some things before the teacher starts his lecture.

How this is an effective way of helping you increase your chemistry grades is that it helps you be prepared for whatever the teacher is going to be talking about in class and since you’re already familiar with the topic, storing it in your memory won’t be difficult, This is a popular method known as the flipped classroom.

  • Pay close attention to assignments

Have you ever noticed that sometimes what your teacher gives you as a take home assignment relates with what comes out in tests and final exams?

Tips on Studying Chemistry

Well if you’ve noticed that’s a really good thing to point out. Assignments are given to improve the students personal knowledge or thought on a particular topic and test are given to test that knowledge.

So it should only be normal for most of your assignments to show up on your test papers so do try to do those assignments.

  • Listen during class

I can’t stress this part enough, but you need to actually pay attention during a class to pass that subject.

Tips on Studying Chemistry

Most students take the class or the teacher as boring so they tune out everything, and this is very wrong.

No matter how boring you think the class is your full attention should still be on what the teacher trying to get through to you, and even if you don’t understand everything the teacher says you should always try to

listen and try to remember

  • Try to enjoy lab time

There’s no doubt that lab time was the most fun part of chemistry for me, chemistry always fascinated me and that fascination led me to fall in love with the subject.

Tips on Studying Chemistry

Lab time is a great way to put all you’ve learnt in class into practical use, it improves your experience and knowledge in the field of chemistry and if you’re thinking about going after a degree in chemistry then lab time should be a very crucial part of your routine.

But if your school isn’t equipped with a lab, you could try applying some easy chemistry experiments like decantation, seperation of common liquids and lots more right at the comfort of your own home.

  • Practice a lot 

To be good at chemistry you need to put in that extra effort you’re scared of, you need to practice to improve because

Tips On Studying Chemistry

practice makes perfect

After class take your note book and study what was taught in class, also practice the essential equations in chemistry like Molecular mass, Mass percentage, and Mole  and this should be done regularly

And try to get familiar with the periodic table because most of the things you’d be doing in chemistry involves the elements in the periodic table.

“if you have troubles with the periodic table you could use the link to refer to my article that teaches you how to memorize the periodic table easily”

i hope these tips on studying chemistry was helpful to you


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